Davida Ademuyiwa

Conservative Spokesperson for St. Martin's Ward

Davida has lived in St Martin’s in Basildon for over 13 years and is the Conservative spokesperson for the ward.  She is using her expertise and versatility to help shape and transform Basildon, making it a safe, progressive and prosperous place for all to live.  

Yetunde Adeshile

Conservative Spokesperson for Vange Ward

A tireless community activist, Yetunde is the Basildon Conservatives Spokesperson for Vange Ward.

Stuart Allen

Councillor for Crouch Ward

Stuart is a councillor for Crouch Ward and currently sits on the Licensing Committee.

Andrew Baggott

Councillor for Burstead Ward
Leader of the Basildon Borough Conservative Group

Andrew is a councillor for Burstead Ward, as well as serving as the Leader of the Basildon Borough Conservative Group. He serves on the Policy & Resources Committee, the Commercialisation and Future Finance Sub-Committee and the Staffing Matters & Review Sub-Committee.

Mark Biddle

Conservative Spokesperson for Pitsea North-West Ward

Mark is the Conservative Party spokesperson for Pitsea North-West Ward. For any ward residents with issues they would like to see raised in Council, please contact Mark who will be happy to assist and liaise with colleagues to ensure your concerns are represented.

Malcolm Buckley

Councillor for Wickford Castledon Ward
County Councillor for the Wickford Crouch Division

Malcolm is a borough councillor for Wickford Castledon Ward and a county councillor for the Wickford Crouch Division.

Gary Canham

Borough Council Candidate for Pitsea South-East Ward
Campaign Co-ordinator for Pitsea South-East Ward

Gary is an experienced former Pitsea councillor and currently serves as co-ordinator of our campaign activities in Pitsea South-East.

David Dadds JP

Councillor for Billericay East Ward

David is a councillor for Billericay East Ward. He currently sits on the Audit and Risk Committee. David served as Mayor of Basildon Borough from 2018 to 2019 and was responsible for raising record sums for local causes, including St. Lukes Hospice.

Anthony Hedley

Councillor for Billericay West Ward
County Councillor for the Billericay & Burstead Division
Deputy Leader of the Basildon Borough Conservative Group

Tony is a borough councillor for Billericay West Ward and a county councillor for the Billericay & Burstead Division. He currently sits on the Town Centre Revival Committee and is Conservative Spokesman on Regeneration.