Davida Ademuyiwa

Conservative Spokesperson for St. Martin's Ward

Davida has lived in St Martin’s in Basildon for over 13 years and is the Conservative spokesperson for the ward.  She is using her expertise and versatility to help shape and transform Basildon, making it a safe, progressive and prosperous place for all to live.  

Holding an MSc in Computing, PGCE PECET, BA Ed, Davida is unapologetically from a multidisciplinary background, she is: an Entrepreneur, Academic, a Digital Marketing and Computing Professional, Transformational Leader, and a Human Rights Activist who is currently studying for an MA in Law. 


She is shocked at the rising levels of deprivation and violent crime against people and property in her ward, and wants to see the entrenched culture of crime in Basildon uprooted and quashed.   Being a victim of crime herself, Davida has zero tolerance for it. She says: “As a resident of St Martin’s, I will not support criminals luring vulnerable children and young people, inducting them into a life of crime, terrorising vulnerable elderly people or making life unbearable for upright members of our community. We need to reverse the trend!”

Davida is a tireless advocate against growing attitudes that are sympathetic towards criminals and crime that traumatise and destabilise individuals, families and communities, and victimise victims.  As the founder of No2DAV, an organisation set up for supporting victims of Domestic Abuse and Violence, her vision is one of safer and stronger families and a safer and more prosperous community for all.



Davida, a Visionary Entrepreneur, a champion for using entrepreneurship to drive social mobility, economic inclusion and change believes we should be future-proofing Basildon by inspiring a high aspiration culture as well as instilling an entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking into our young people.

 As a person who is passionate about business and has been in business since 1996, Davida says we must ensure that our local economy does not lag behind, we must create an environment that is more supportive for local SMEs.   She loves to see local businesses thrive, and like many of the residents she’s spoken to, she gets very disheartened when she sees another business fold up in the town. Davida would like to see Business rates adjusted to enable a recalibration of our local economy. 

Davida wants to see more local people actively engaged, as producers and not just consumers, in our local economy.  She says: “An innate spirit of enterprise and business innovation gives people dignity and gets them out of poverty, it creates jobs and prosperity.  With social mobility being lower in Britain than any other other developed country, this move is an investment that will pay off, giving the less privileged the opportunity to break out of the poverty trap and dependency on the state.”  She believes that greater local economic participation and growth will improve the lives of everyone in Basildon, it will steer many away from crime and will definitely help us see more young people become economically independent and get onto the property ladder.

As an academic and entrepreneur, Davida, who has worked with children and young people for over 16 years, says that one of the problems we have in our town is one of low aspirations and underdeveloped potential.  She is of the belief that children and young people from Basildon need to be well equipped with basic, life, financial and enterprise skills in order to improve their life chances and be given the advantage they desperately need in a growing competitive global economy.  Her desire is to see Basildon transformed into Essex’s hub for education, innovation, technology and enterprise for children and young people.  

Davida, a people potential developer, asks: “What's the value of investing in the development of our town‘s infrastructure, if we are not also ready to invest in the unlocking and development of the potential of the people in our community?” She would like to see the plans on introducing a Grammar School into the Basildon area progress.

Davida is a board member of Young Enterprise, a leading UK Charity, providing Life Skills: Financial and Enterprise education, helping emerging young entrepreneurs, gain the confidence, mindset and skills required to realise their aspirations and achieve their dreams as entrepreneurs and succeed in the workplace.  She is actively working on introducing YE’s programs to schools in the Basildon area. 



Davida is a twice over Judo gold medalist.  She is a prolific writer, an author of 12 books and an outdoor and healthy living enthusiast who enjoys travel, green spaces, photographing and videoing nature, Her view is that our environment and public spaces are incredibly important to our physical, emotional and mental well being and should be well maintained, respected and highly protected. Davida would like to see an improvement of our air quality and an even greener future for Basildon. 


Noting the high level of incidences in mental health problems amongst our youth and in our community as a whole, she believes that we cannot afford to neglect our health and wellness, if we truly mean to make our community great.  To neglect this is too costly a price to pay. Davida says “When health is lost, all is lost.” We need to safeguard and invest more in our local health, fitness, wellness and NHS services and centres carefully maintaining the balance of provision and accessibility to such services with the building of new homes.”



Davida’s dream is to see Basildon transformed into a progressive, prosperous and healthy community, with crime-free streets, safe homes and neighbourhoods, and strong families, a town where upright and aspirational children, young people and adults can realise their ambitions and potential together, and thrive.  It’s her belief that individuals, families, communities, and businesses can work together to make Basildon strong and attractive, making it the place to live, get educated, do business and enjoy life.

Davida and local MP John Baron out talking to residents in St. Martins ward


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