John Baron MP highlights Government Coronavirus support

MP : Last day of school for many, not all

The Government continues to provide extensive support for businesses and families affected by the unprecedented coronavirus situation. In addition to recommending self-isolation if people develop a fever or a continuous cough as well as social distancing, today is the last day of school for many children, although the children of key workers will continue to receive schooling.

John Baron MP

John said,

“The coronavirus situation is unsettling because it is unprecedented in modern times. We are all having to adapt to a new reality and mode of living and working. To this end, the Government is taking bold steps to manage the healthcare situation, but also to support businesses and families across the country.”

“Today is the last day of schooling for many children, which is a sensible precaution given the spread of the virus. However, the children of key workers – which include NHS staff, social workers, Police and bank workers amongst others – will continue to go to school. This will enable essential public services to continue functioning.”

“Next week Parliament will debate and pass the Coronavirus Bill, which sets out a time-limited set of powers to help Government, local government and public bodies cope with the outbreak. This is part of our full-spectrum response to the situation.”

“People should remain upbeat, and it is heartening to hear many stories of our communities pulling together. Many people are going the extra mile to look after relatives, friends and neighbours, and I encourage everyone to replicate this. However, I’m still urging the Government to reach out to the elderly and vulnerable who live alone, so that no-one is left behind.”

“In addition, a little consideration at the supermarkets and other shops will go a long way. There is plenty of food to go around if we all shop as usual and buy only what we need. I also applaud supermarket initiatives to ease the situation, including the ‘silver hour.’”

For information about the Government definition of key workers, please visit

For advice from HM Treasury for individuals and businesses requiring financial support during the COVID-19 outbreak, please see the attached factsheet.



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