Covid-19 - motion to Full Council

At the upcoming scheduled meeting of Full Council on Thursday 26th March, the Conservative Group intend to move the following motion.


To be moved by Councillor Baggott:

This Council recognises that the nation at large is undergoing unprecedented challenge in dealing with the Covid 19 outbreak.
This Council has a responsibility to its residents and needs to be able to deliver for them while also being nimble when facing circumstances that are changing daily.
This Council intends to present a united front in the face of this crisis.
In recognition of this, and to fulfil its obligations to its best effect the following measures are to be adopted with immediate effect:
• suspension of Council Procedure Rules and Constitution with immediate effect
• suspension of all non-essential committees, Full Council and projects with immediate effect
• that a Committee, politically proportionate, be set up to deal with any matters arising from Covid 19, and any other urgent emergent matters, such committee to be granted executive decision-making powers
• that all operational matters be delegated to officers
• that a fund of £2m be put aside (Civil Contingency Fund), provided from reserves, to provide emergency food/transport/assistance for the most vulnerable, and for those individuals who may fall through the gaps of any Government provision
• The above provisions to remain in place until the Government/nation returns to normal operations
• This Council suspends the 6-month rule regarding Councillor attendance at Council meetings


With the current situation regarding the Covid-19 outbreak changing rapidly, we believe it is imperative that the Council put in place measures to ensure the smooth and orderly delivery of essential services whilst also protecting council staff and members of the public.

Conservatives are also proposing the creation of a Civil Contingency Fund to assist vulnerable residents who may need special assistance.