United Kingdom leaving the European Union tonight, at 11pm.

Basildon Borough Conservatives statement on Brexit

In 2016, the Conservative Party delivered the referendum and we promised to deliver the result. After three years of argument and debate, the Conservatives and Prime Minister Boris Johnson went into the General Election last December with one simple pledge: that we would Get Brexit Done, so that we could move the country forward. Today, we fulfil that pledge. 

Basildon Conservatives welcome the passing of the Withdrawal Agreement. At 11pm this evening, the UK will finally leave the European Union. For those who have campaigned for this, it is a significant moment in our shared history. But for those who opposed this move, this will be a hard day.

We are respectful of all those who were passionately and sincerely opposed to leaving the EU, however after a clear instruction from the public in the 2016 referendum, however we may all personally feel about the momentous change that is about to take place, the time has come to unite, move past the divisions, and come together to embrace the opportunities and challenges that await us.